Ipsos Public Affairs

Public Opinion Research

Ipsos Public Affairs teams around the world conduct research on public policy issues and on the attitudes and behaviors of citizens and consumers. They also conduct political climate surveys and voting intention forecasts, public opinion research and elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion research. Our goal is to help our clients manage issues, advance reputations, determine and pinpoint shifts in attitude and opinion, and enhance communications.

We provide clients with information that helps them understand how they can build efficient and effective policies, programs, communications strategies, and marketing initiatives.

Ipsos public opinion research experts currently provide public opinion and reaction research to political and economical leaders in Europe, North America, and South America. We also do research related to corporations.

Furthermore, through the research of corporation employees, Ipsos examines employees’ opinions about the policy and strategy of their corporation.For multinational corporations, it is possible to conduct multi-country research.

The lpsos-advantage:

We understands individuals in a political, economical, social, and cultural context.