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Marketing Research

Ipsos Marketing helps clients to transform insights into a distinctive competitive advantage. We offer innovative contractual models to better manage Market Research spendings. We distribute information real-time within clients organizations by leveraging technology and activation sessions. We integrate knowledge by combining various sources of data.

Our specialists offer simple, intuitive solutions built on powerful philosophies and always linked to business outcomes. We help our clients uncover people insights and motivations on their markets, innovate and position their brands, and maximise sales to get the best return on investments.

Ipsos Marketing operates through four global specialized practices:

Ipsos MarketQuest Ipsos InnoQuest
Ipsos UU Ipsos Healthcare

Brand and Sales Growth  Ipsos MarketingQuest

Ipsos MarketQuest offers global business solutions to help marketers build profitable brands and define winning strategies at the point of sale:

Growing brands by connecting with deeper human motivations


Our Censydiam suite provides you with end-to-end answers to get a consumer centric understanding of the market structure, develop brand growth strategies and monitor whether your marketing actions create the desired effects on brand equity.

Winning at the “point of purchase” via deep understanding of shoppers and retail


Shopper Marketing is a fast growing area of marketing as the results offer high Return on Investment with so many decisions made at Point of purchase.
Our aim is to help Manufacturer and Retailers sell more through a better understanding of their shoppers behavior.

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Shopper Research

Helping companies with entry strategies for emerging market
Bussiness Consulting

We support domestic and international organisations or businesses using our fact-based market analysis as they endeavor to build, compete, and grow in emerging and developed markets globally.
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Strategy Building

Innovation and Forecasting
Ipsos InnnoQuest

Identify Insights and Ideas at the Fuzzy Front End

Ipsos InnoQuest offers a comprehensive set of quantitative Fuzzy Front End approaches to help you identify the best insights, generate powerful ideas and decide which ideas offer the best potential.

innoquest insights

identifies which of your insights are most impactful — using validated measures.

innoquest co-creation

lets you co-create new product ideas online, bringing in the voice of the consumer from the very start.

innoquest ideas

quickly and cost-effectively screens your ideas using proven success measures.

Evaluate & Optimize Your Innovations

We offer a suite of solutions to help you develop and optimize your product, pricing, lineup and packaging.

innoquest product

helps you develop new products, improve existing products and maximize a product's life and profitability, using a product lifecycle approach with leading-edge, flexible approaches at each stage.

innoquest pack

optimizes your package by addressing the key package touch points.

innoquest line

optimizes product lines based on unit volume that takes into account consumer purchase behavior, production costs, retail space limitations, and stock outages.

innoquest price

optimizes pricing strategies and tactics to maximize your revenue.

Maximize Revenue Potential

We offer forecasting throughout the lifecycle – from as early as idea testing through to full STMs. Our forecasting our based on our world-class Designor® model – highly, accurate, completely flexibile and always rooted in reality.

innoquest designor

is our validated forecasting model that delivers sales forecasts, robust diagnostics and powerful simulation capabilities, flexibly and realistically.

Qualitative Research Specialists ipsos UU

A seamless, end-to-end suite of solutions, aligned with Ipsos quant approaches, backed by strong, proprietary analytical frameworks


Bringing life TO LIFE

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