Ipsos ASI

Advertising Research

For today’s advertisers, building strong brands and developing global communications strategies is a basic yet essential blueprint for success. Ipsos contributes immeasurably to achieving this success by optimizing advertising concepts and measuring and forecasting the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Our time-tested analytical tools measure return on investment and pave the way to increased market share for clients.
Globally developed methods of assessment used by Ipsos provides clients consistent information and meaningful results—regardless of the country in which marketing campaigns take place.
From strategizing, content development, ad testing, and campaign design, to campaign evaluation, optimization and brand equity, Ipsos ASI experts tailor solutions to meet specific needs of clients. Ipsos ensures the ads of its clients are communicating the right messages, across the right touch points, to the right people, at just the right time…to drive the right results.

Products and Solutions

Ipsos ASI understands effective ads need to be strong in both recall and persuasion.
Recall: the ad needs to cut through clutter to get noticed, and the brand must get credit
Persuasion: the ad needs to trigger a rational and/or emotional consumer reaction to the brand
Our full range of products enables clients to measure advertising in each process of ad development.

Copy Testing

Creative Development


Identifies effective advertising messages/concepts. Screens for unique and relevant messages, which leads to strong persuasion.


Identifies effective advertising at the storyboard stage. Enables prediction of ad recall after natural in-home exposure.


Ipsos global copy testing system for TV commercials. Day-after recall is assessed after natural in-home exposure to test ad in a cluttered environment and within context of a TV program. Flexible methods are used to measure actual changes in attitude towards the brand to simulate consumer behavior in the real market.


Ipsos global online copy testing system for TV commercials. Day-after recall is assessed after exposure to test ad in multi-media environment and movie trailers.

Next*TV® Express

The faster, the cheaper, the better. Online interactive study to predict ad recall and change in attitude after natural in-home exposure.


Ipsos global print testing system that measures ad recall after exposure to test ad in a cluttered environment (virtual online magazine).

Tracking Services

This tracking method has a flexible modular approach to meet specific needs. The following are some basic modules that cover typical needs.


By measuring combined impact of creative and media (TV in particular), enables an understanding of not only recall levels of ads, but also what is being recalled.


Provides one brand KPI to understand the position of a brand in competitive context. Driver analysis suggests what to say in future communications.

Brand*Graph 360

“Consumer Mix Modeling” measures effectiveness of integrated marketing communication (touch points), both in terms of recall and persuasion.


Understands effective media in the category and provides media simulator to aid media planning.